Wickham Farms CSA

Growing Fresh, Local Fruits & Vegetables for the Rochester, NY Community Since 2010

About Us

From Left to Right: Dale, Paige, Debbie, Bill, Kevin and Carolyn Wickham
Bee at Wickham Farms
Bumble Bee Working in the Wickham Farms Sunflower Field
Bill & Debbie Wickham at one of their early Pumpkin Fields

Four Generations of Knowledge Put into every Share

The Wickham family has been growing vegetables in Western New York for over one hundred years. Bill Wickham grew up on a 1,000 acre vegetable farm in Ontario County.  While that farm’s focus was growing for large processing companies like Libby’s, Comstock, and Silver Floss they also grew cabbage and sweet corn for direct market to consumers. Bill’s brother, Brian, still operates those self service red wagons between Geneva and Canandaigua today.  While attending Cornell University in Ithaca and obtaining a degree in agriculture, Bill met his wife Debbie. Since meeting, Bill and Debbie have shared a passion for growing fruits and vegetables for the local community. This passion has been passed on to their three children, Kevin, Paige and Dale Wickham and their daughter in law, Carolyn. Initially, starting as a part time pumpkin farm in 1986, Wickham Farms has grown into a full time operation for the Wickham family, featuring some of the areas freshest fruits and vegetables around, primarily marketed in the Rochester NY area through our CSA program.

A Small Family Farm Committed to Sustainability

As a small family farm, it is our goal to remain connected with our community and customer base as we truly believe in the value of knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown. We are very mindful of our growing practices, using a combination of organic and conventional farm practices. These methods help us to grow the freshest, highest quality and safest products for our customers to enjoy each day. We are constantly evaluating our growing practices, focusing on promoting long term farm sustainability while maximizing crop quality. Some of our sustainable farming practices include crop rotation, the use of cover crops, practice of integrated pest management (IPM). This allows us to focus on minimizing  chemical pest applications, and the promotion of native pollinators as a source of natural pollination for our crops.  

Bumble Bee Working in the Wickham Farms Sunflower Field
Bill & Debbie Wickham at one of their early Pumpkin Fields

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